Short Bio

My name is Marin Todorov and I am an independent developer and publisher. I work exclusively on iOS projects since late 2009. At present I get busy with a healthy mix of contract work, writing, developing open source software, and speaking/workshops or in-house trainings for companies.

Find a showcase of my favorite projects below or head to LinkedIn for a more detailed overview of my professional experience.

Latest Projects

iOS Animations by Emails

My monthly newsletter about animations with Swift. I showcase cool animation techniques, fresh animation libraries on GitHub and interesting blog posts on animation. Get subscribed today :)


iOS Games by Tutorials

Co - Author

The first book on developing games for iOS using Swift. It covers the SpriteKit 2D game framework from Apple.

iOS 7 by Tutorials

Co - Author

Tutorial book covering all newly introduced in iOS 7 APIs.

iOS 6 by Tutorials

Co - Author

Tutorial book covering all newly introduced in iOS 6 APIs.

iOS 5 by Tutorials

Co - Author

A blast from the past :) Tutorial book covering all newly introduced in iOS 5 APIs.

Open Source

Easy Animation (Swift)

Unleash the power of UIView.animateWithDuration:animations:

EasyAnimation extends what UIKit offers in terms of animations and makes your life much easier because you can do much more without learning some perky new syntax.

SwiftSpinner (Swift)

Beautiful vibrancy spinner view

SwiftSpinner shows a beautiful spinner view using the iOS animation effects for vibrancy and blur.

JSONModel (Objective-C)

Magical JSON modelling framework

Automates the hum-drum data mapping for your JSON model class and features extra validation on data types and response structure.

TaskQueue (Swift)

Manage asynchronous tasks like a boss

TaskQueue helps you manage parallel or serial asynchronous tasks with ease.

Speaking / Training

Event Description Link
App Builders Zürich
Apr 2016. TBA link
MCE3 Warsaw
Apr 2016. TBA link
mdevcon Amsterdam
Mar 2016. Non-technical ways to be a better developer (slides) link
do {iOS} Amsterdam
Nov 2015. Power up your animations! link
Mobilization 5 Lodz
Oct 2015. What's in it for us after the indiepocalypse? link
Pragma Mark 2015 Florence
Oct 2015. What’s in it for us after the Indiepocalypse is over? link
  Oct 2015. Animations workshop. link
GOTO Copenhagen 2015
Oct 2015. Animations with Auto Layout (and Stack views). link
Cocoaheads Copenhagen
Oct 2015. A tour of EasyAnimation. link
Mobiconf 2015 Krakow
Oct 2015. Power up your animations! link
Cocoaheads Krakow
Sep 2015. Animations with Auto Layout (and Stack views). link
NSSpain 2015 Logrono
Sep 2015. Animations workshop. link
360iDev 2015 Denver
Aug 2015. Animations workshop & talk. link
AltConf 2015 San Francisco
Jun 2015. "Power up your animations!" Live code demo link
IronHack iOS Barcelona
May/June 2015. Trainer for weeks #2 and #3 - covered MVC, view controllers, navigation, views, animations and more. link
mdevcon 2015 Amsterdam Mar 05-06, 2015. "iOS Animations with Auto Layout" Live code demo link hangout Feb 2015. “iOS Animations with Swift” Presentation & Live code demo link
RWDevCon 2015
Washington DC
Feb 06-07, 2015. “iOS Animations: Animating Auto Layout constraints” Workshop link
  Feb 06-07, 2015. “ folklore” Talk link
PragmaMark 2014 Milan Oct 03-04, 2014. “Getting Real with Sprite Kit” Workshop link
Dutch Mobile Conference Amsterdam Jun 27-28, 2014. “Creating apps that run on your watch and talk to your cloud” Live code demo link
  Jun 27-28, 2014. “Overcome your fear of implementing offline mode to your apps” Talk link
CodeBits VII Lisbon Apr 10-12, 2014. “Overcome your fear of implementing offline mode to your apps” Talk link
Novabase Mobile Days Lisbon Mar 2014. Novabase Internal company event. Keynote & various workshops link
PragmaMark 2013, Milan Oct 26, 2013. “SpriteKit 101“ Live code demo link
iOSDevCon 2013 Berlin Jun 03-04, 2013. “Passbook is your running start to distributing tickets over the air” Talk link
UIKonf 2013 Berlin May 1, 2013. “JSONModel” Lightning talk link


I've worked on more than 15 apps - both for clients and own independently published projects.

I have a small studio called Underplot Apps. Me and my graphical artist released about 10 small apps in the first years of the app store. Some got traction and got us started on the App Store.

These days we rarely work on our own ideas, we mostly do contract work for clients if their project feels right.